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Prenatal Care

​Your First Prenatal Group Session will be booked 5-6 weeks after you have missed your first period.

12-13 weeks or after you have missed your 2nd period you will be booked for a First Prenatal Checkup with a physician or nurse practitioner.

14-32 weeks you will be scheduled monthly checkups.

32-36 weeks you will have checkups scheduled every two weeks and a Labor and Delivery Group Session

36-40 weeks you will have a checkup every week

First Prenatal Appointment 

During your first prenatal visit your measurements and prenatal history will be taken followed by an educational group session. Prenatal topics such as nutrition, food safety, nausea, physical activity, and medications will be discussed. Prenatal physician options will be presented and blood work and ultrasound will be booked. This session is about an hour long therefore children are not encouraged to attend.

Labor and Delivery Appointment 

At approximately the 36th week of your pregnancy you will be scheduled to attend an educational group session regarding your labor and delivery.  The session will cover the following topics:

  • The signs of labor

  • Progression of labor

  • When to go to the hospital

  • What to expect after you arrive at the hospital

  • What complications may occur

  • Pain relief in labor

  • Ways for support persons to be of assistance during labor

Following the educational discussion an optional delivery and breast feeding video may be viewed by those who are interested. Weekly prenatal visits will continue until your delivery.