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Lighten up Wellness Clinic

This program provides people with weight management tools and information, access to experts such as dieticians and Weight Wise group session modules. Modules are held at the Associate Medical Clinic in Peace River and at the Grimshaw Medical Clinic in Grimshaw. Registration is required.  All sessions are from 6:30 9:00 p.m.

Module One – Getting Started: Planning for Success - 2 hours

Learn about obesity (what is it, what can cause it, what are some treatment choices).

  • Learn ways to record what you eat, how active you are and how you are feeling emotionally.

  • Learn about goal setting and how to deal with barriers.

  • Learn about the Weight Wise Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Module Two – Finding Balance: The Role of Calories in Weight Management - 2 hours

Learn about the top 5 ways to lower calories and practice strategies in class.
Module Three – Managing Hunger and Appetite - 2 hours

  • Explore the difference between hunger and appetite.

  • Practice techniques to manage appetite triggers and social pressures.

Module Four – Moving Matters: Including Physical Activity in Your Day - 2 hours

Explore the benefits and barriers to being more active.

  • Receive tips on how to get more physically active.

  • Set your own personal activity goals.

Module Five – Nutrition: The Truth About What Works in Weight Management - 2 hours

Evaluate what you are eating and learn strategies that can help lower your calories.

  • Explore how meal patterns, food choices and portion size affect calorie intake.

  • Learn about which foods can help you manage your weight.

Module Six – Nutrition: I Know I Should Eat Healthy, But How?- 2 hours

Leave with tips on how to put your nutrition knowledge into practice.

  • Explore the 4 P’s: Plan, Purchase, Prepare, and Pack.

Module Seven – Nutrition: Eating Away From Home and During Special Occasions- 2 hours

Learn how buffets, parties, vacation and holiday eating can affect calorie intake.

  • Leave with strategies to minimize extra calories when eating away from home and during special occasions.

Module Eight- Craving Change ™ (2 hours each session for 3 sessions, there is a $25 fee for the 4 week session)      

Learn about all the different reasons why people eat

  • Learn how to cope with emotional eating.

  • Learn how to feel more in control of your eating.

Module Nine - Minding Stress: Effectively Reduce and Manage the Stress in Your Life - 2 sessions

Discover the hidden costs of stress, explore what causes you stress and what you can do about it.

  • Opportunity to learn about and experience effective stress-management techniques.

  • Uncover the world of Mindful Eating with strategies to diminish food cravings and stress-reactions -please bring a small, healthy snack for this activity.

For more information click on the following link: Lighten Up Wellness Clinic Brochure (PDF)

To register contact Corina at 780-332-4696 or by email at